Communications & Marketing


"Christ is the fountain; the church is the channel of communication" Acts of the Apostles, p. 122.

The Indiana Conference Communication Team is comprised of conference personnel, local church communication leaders, bulletin secretaries, pastors, teachers and lay members who are dedicated to facilitating the flow of information and news that at the core are all about our mission. What a blessing each person is who contributes in this sharing process.

Colleen Kelly, Communications & Marketing Director

Colleen Kelly, Communications Director


Educational Institutions

Statewide there are 11 schools.


Conference Connection, is our quarterly official Indiana Conference magazine, which is distributed free of charge to approximately 4,000 member homes to unify and coordinate our efforts.

Hoosier Happenings: monthly e-newsletter to 750+ subscribers.

Lake Union Herald: the official monthly magazine of the Lake Union Conference.

E-Herald: the weekly electronic newsletter of the Lake Union Conference.

Ed Impact Indiana: quarterly e-newsletter for the Department of Education

Read the complete report at  Midterm Constituency report

Read the complete report at Midterm Constituency report


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Hope for the Heartland Sound Cloud Podcasts


500 Year Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation (November 2017)

Half hour Christian radio show featuring Dr. Nicholas Miller, religious liberty expert. Talking about where we are after 500 years of the Reformation. An excellent review of key moments of Martin Luther's life.


Disaster Response Program (February 2018)

This podcast is about disaster response and Adventist Community Services in Indiana. Richard Norris, senior pastor at Evansville SDA Church, and Gary Ruba, pastor of Ellettsville SDA Church are guests.


  Encounter Bible Curriculum (April 2018)

Join Adventist Christian educators and students as they talk about the Encounter Jesus Bible curriculum presented in Adventist schools and how it is life changing for participants. Superintendent of Schools Nicole Mattson, principal Lisa Rhodes, and three students discuss how the new curriculum works and how it is helping students develop a real relationship with Jesus Christ.

Timber Ridge Camp (May 2018)

Pastor Charlie Thompson, Timber Ridge Camp Youth Director, and staff talk about why a child would benefit from spending a week at the camp. Many youth spiritual connections and fun experiences await the camper.

Pastor Charlie tells how to register for the camp and invites all to come.

The camp also offers adult and family retreats as well. Check their website and Facebook page.